SFIMAR is an stand alone institute approved by AICTE and Director of Technical Education (Maharashtra). The governance of the institute rests with the St. Francis Trust, Board of Governors and the Board of Studies. The Board of Governance, chaired by the President and is responsible for evolving broad framework and policies, while the Board of Studies is responsible for all matters related to academics. Both comprises of eminent members drawn from academia, industry, and business.

General Management :

Bro. Joseph Karimalayil (Superior General) President, Chairman
Bro. Alphonse Nesamony (Asst. Superior General, CMSF) Vice President/Vice Chairman
Mr. Johny Joseph (Former Chief Secretary - Govt of Maharashtra) Member
Bro. Sebasan George (General Councillor - CMSF) Member
Bro. Wilfred Monterio (General Councillor - CMSF) Member
Bro. Mathew Thekkemury (Local Animator and Administrator) Member
Bro. Xavier Munda - SFIMAR (Member)
Dr. Dilip Patil (Ex. Director-DLLE, University of Mumbai) Member
Mr. Augusne Kurias (Former Principal RBI) Member
Dr. Sunil Rai (Vice Chancellor - Dehradun University) Member
Mr. Thomas Mathew (Sr. Vice President - Reliance Industries Limited) Member
Mr. Michael D Brown (Movaonal Coach- Kascom Movaonal Coaching Services) Member
Mr. Dominic D'souza (Chief Operang Officer, CSR- Essar Group) Member
Dr. Rajashree Gujarathi (Former Director- SP Jain School of Global Management) Member
Prof. Dr. Sulbha Raorane (PGDM - Director) Member Secretary
Dr. Simeon Simon (Associate Professor- SFIMAR PGDM) Member
Bro. George T.V. (Member)

Organization Chart